Graphenea featured in ABC for participation in GIANCE Project

We are pleased to announce that Graphenea S.A., a global leader in graphene production and a partner in the GIANCE consortium, was recently featured in an article by the prestigious Spanish newspaper ABC. The article highlights Graphenea’s involvement in the GIANCE project (Graphene Alliance for Sustainable Multifunctional Materials to Tackle Environmental Challenges), an initiative aimed at developing sustainable multifunctional materials to address environmental challenges.

Established in 2010, Graphenea is at the forefront of developing, manufacturing, and supplying high-quality graphene materials for industrial and semiconductor applications. With a strong intellectual property strategy and numerous international patents, Graphenea is pushing the boundaries of nanotechnology to transform industrial applications in Europe and around the world.

The article in ABC represents a significant recognition for the GIANCE project and for Graphenea’s pivotal role in promoting graphene technology for a more sustainable future.

Read here the full article: https://www.abc.es/economia/asombroso-grafeno-lanza-dar-nueva-dimension-transicion-20240505193157-nt_amp.html