GIANCE presents creative solutions to environmental challenges by establishing a comprehensive and industry-driven platform. This platform aims to design, develop, and produce the next generation of affordable, eco-friendly, lightweight, and recyclable materials based on graphene and related substances (GRM). These materials include multifunctional composites, coatings, foams, and membranes (GRM-bM) with enhanced properties, such as thermal, mechanical, and chemical features.

These innovations also improve functionalities like wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical and fire resistance, hardness, impact resistance, high-temperature resistance, and structural health monitoring. Additionally, GIANCE focuses on enabling hydrogen storage. The project strives to advance manufacturing processes, enhance synthesis and stability, and minimize environmental impact.

The GRM-bM and manufacturing capabilities developed by GIANCE will foster strong connections with end-users, enabling the qualification and development of commercial propositions to high Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs). GIANCE aims to demonstrate and validate the effectiveness of GRM-enabled products through 11 use cases, influencing future technologies across various sectors, including automotive, aerospace, energy (hydrogen economy), and water treatment.

By supporting the Graphene Flagship initiative, GIANCE contributes to innovation output and industrialization efforts, paving the way for the integration of newly acquired knowledge into EU industry and society. The project aspires to build a robust EU value chain, translating technological advancements from TRL4-5 to concrete innovation opportunities and production capabilities (TRL6-7). This strategic approach positions GIANCE to gain first-mover market advantages at scale within the defined industrial sectors.

The consortium, comprised of 23 partners from 10 countries, covers the entire value chain. It includes leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), large industries, top-notch research and education organizations, and innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). GIANCE is meticulously designed to maximize its impact on industries and society, making significant contributions to the evolving field of GRM.

Giance project