Develop and Validate Highly Innovative and Sustainable Materials for New Scalable Use Cases (UCs).
  • Explore 2DM and technologies addressing environmental challenges.
  • Create lightweight, recyclable composites, and coatings with key functionalities.
  • Develop metal-2DM composites enabling ultralow friction surfaces.
  • Engineer 2DM foams for catalytic hydrogen generation and storage.

Develop and Optimize Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies
  • Pioneer high-throughput manufacturing technologies.
  • Design, develop, and validate industrial use cases.

Implement Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life-Cycle Cost (LCC), and End-of-Life (EOL) Strategies
  • Develop and assess robust circular economy mass-production and reuse.
  • Implement strategies for life-cycle assessment, life-cycle cost, and end-of-life considerations.

Accelerate Innovation and Contribute to the Governance and Coordination of the Graphene Flagship (GF) Initiative
  • Facilitate the exploitation and acceleration of business and innovation.
  • Contribute to the governance and coordination of the Graphene Flagship initiative.