Graphene Alliance for Sustainable Multifunctional Materials to Tackle Environmental Challenges

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GIANCE is a 3-year long project funded by Horizon Europe. The consortium consists of 23 partners from 10 countries, representing the full value chain, with leading OEMs, large industries, world-class research and education organisations, and innovative SMEs.

GIANCE presents creative solutions to environmental challenges by establishing a comprehensive and industry-driven platform. This platform aims to design, develop, and produce the next generation of affordable, eco-friendly, lightweight, and recyclable materials based on graphene and related substances (GRM). These materials include multifunctional composites, coatings, foams, and membranes (GRM-bM) with enhanced properties, such as thermal, mechanical, and chemical features.

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GIANCE impacts

01 Revolutionary Materials Solutions
  • Develops novel, scalable, and multifunctional materials (GRM-bM).
  • Enhances manufacturing processes for eco-designed solutions.
02 Elevating EU Leadership
  • Positions the EU as a global leader in GRM-bM technologies.
  • Unlocks innovation potential, fostering economic competitiveness
03 Driving Circular Economy
  • Implements circular design for manufacturing and product life.
  • Facilitates recyclability and eco-friendly disposal of materials.
04 Significant Weight Reduction
  • Achieves substantial weight reduction in automotive applications.
  • Enhances energy efficiency, contributing to a greener transport sector
05 Multifunctional Performance
  • Improves scratch, fire, and coating resistance.
  • Increases impact strength, water permeability, and oxidative resistance.
06 Innovation in Manufacturing
  • Optimizes manufacturing processes for resource efficiency.
  • Introduces on-line monitoring systems for quality control.
07 Strategic Autonomy and Competitiveness
  • Strengthens EU capacities in key industries.
  • Minimizes dependency on non-EU countries in the digital supply chain.
08 Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Develops Ucs for durability, reusability, and scalability.
  • Promotes remanufacturing and high-quality recycling.
09 Environmental Performance
  • Achieves up to 30% improvement in environmental performance.
  • Aligns with the EU Circular Economy Action Plan for climate-neutrality.
10 Building European Resilience
  • Boosts EU resilience and sovereignty in key sectors.
  • Accelerates adoption of innovative materials, supporting long-term sustainability.

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December 19, 2023

GIANCE Project Kickstarts on October 1st

Barcelona, October 2023 – GIANCE, a groundbreaking research project, officially commenced on October 1st, marking a significant step toward addressing environmental challenges with innovative solutions. About GIANCE GIANCE is an ambitious initiative that seeks to establish a holistic, integrated, and industry-driven platform with a clear focus on improving sustainable materials and their real-world applications. Our […]