To achieve our goals and closely monitor progress, the work plan is organized into 8 WPs. In WP1, we’ll define the specific environmental and technical requirements for the Ucs, eco-designing and optimizing 11 Ucs with considerations for potential performance, manufacturing, testing, and end-of-life (EOL) requirements. WP2 focuses on scaling up and sustainably producing GRM, including the synthesis, dispersions, and functionalization of various materials. In WP3, we’ll explore sustainable manufacturing technologies and processes, emphasizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. WP4 involves the manufacturing and assembly of Ucs to demonstrate industrial feasibility. WP5 encompasses testing, validation, and assessing the environmental impact of Ucs under different conditions. WP6 integrates environmental considerations in the early design phase through life cycle assessments. WP7 deals with dissemination, communication, exploitation of results, and project management. WP8 handles overall project coordination and supports the governance of the Graphene Flagship initiative.

GIANCE workplan