Successful GIANCE Workshop at Graphene Conference 2024 Industrial Forum in Madrid

Following last year’s success, the Industrial Forum at the Graphene Conference 2024 in Madrid, held on June 26-27, showcased the latest advancements in graphene technology. The two-day event highlighted the progress and still challenges in graphene utilisation, with key representatives from leading research groups and companies sharing their achievements  on market vision and business prospects around graphene.

The forum focused on the latest developments in graphene production methods aimed at large-scale commercialization, emerging opportunities for graphene-based materials, investment criteria, and the latest applications in electronics, energy storage, aerospace, and barrier applications. These discussions emphasized how incorporating graphene technologies into major civilian sectors can bolster the competitiveness of European industries and position the region as a global leader in sustainability.

A standout moment of the forum was a workshop hosted by the GIANCE project, on June 26th. The workshop featured presentations on requirements and graphene materials  best suited for  each GIANCE application  (automotive, aerospace, energy and water purification), surface treatments using plasma, hydrogen production and conversion using printed graphene, and a robust modular eco-design of products supported by Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Notable speakers included Claudia Delgado Simão, PhD, Ana Villacampa from Eurecat – Technology Centre, Alexei Nazarov from Lashkayov Institute of Semiconductor Physics NASU, Carmen Rial Tubio from Fundación BCMaterials, and Ana Claudia Nioac de Salles from Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology-ICT. They shared valuable insights on sustainable graphene technologies, and  organised a round table  with the rest of  workshop attendants which generated an interesting discussion about graphene based materials, environmental assessment methodologies and industrial challenges.