Brightlands Materials Center – TNO

Brightlands Materials Center develops innovative materials solutions for a sustainable future, building on the talents of our own experienced scientists and collaborating with industry, academia, and entrepreneurs.

Powered by shared expertise and facilities of TNO and the Brightlands Chemelot Campus, Brightlands Materials Center is all about shaping and recycling materials for a better world. We were founded in 2015 by the leading Dutch research institute TNO and the Province of Limburg, represented by the Brightlands Chemelot Campus.

Brightlands Materials Center is well positioned between scientific research and commercial product and technology development. Our initiatives typically focus on technologies that will be market-ready within three to five years. We define our activities based on global societal challenges, industry trends, and emerging markets and applications. Currently, Sustainable Buildings, Sustainable Mobility, and Circular Packaging are our focus application areas.

In our work we develop prototypes to demonstrate the feasibility of new technology concepts. We collaborate with industrial partners who wish to commercialize products based on these technologies. We are committed to supporting the Green Deal ambitions of the European Union. We follow the Dutch mission-oriented innovation policy, with a particular focus on the energy transition and the materials transition to a circular economy. We are a proud partner of the first European Circular Hub, Chemelot, which is located in the Dutch province of Limburg.